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Welcome to Ngaanyatjarraku

Ngaanyatjarraku is a remote region in Western Australia, covering an area of nearly 170,000 square kilometers. It is home to a number of Indigenous communities and offers visitors a chance to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of the outback.

Getting Here

Ngaanyatjarraku is located in the central desert region of Western Australia, approximately 1,200 kilometers northeast of Perth. The nearest major town is Kalgoorlie, which is about a seven-hour drive away. Visitors can fly into the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport and arrange transportation from there.

Things to Do

  • Visit Indigenous communities and learn about their culture and way of life
  • Explore the stunning landscape of the Gibson Desert
  • Camp under the stars and experience the tranquility of the outback
  • Hike through the beautiful ranges and gorges in the area
  • Go on a guided tour and learn about the area's unique flora and fauna


There are limited accommodation options in Ngaanyatjarraku, but visitors can camp in designated campsites or arrange to stay with Indigenous communities. It is important to plan ahead and book accommodation in advance.


The climate in Ngaanyatjarraku is hot and dry with temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. Visitors should ensure they have appropriate sun protection and plenty of water when exploring the area.

Important Information

  • Respect the culture and traditions of the Indigenous communities in the area
  • Ensure you have enough food, water, and fuel for your travels
  • Observe all signs and warnings in the area and take appropriate precautions
  • Leave no trace and dispose of waste responsibly

Enjoy your visit to Ngaanyatjarraku!

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